Easy integration

Integrating Followprice is easy! If you are using one of the platforms we support it’s just a one-click installation. If that’s not the case, you just need to copy a few lines of code.

See here our full list of supported platforms.

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Automatic Email Notifications

With Followprice you can generate automatic emails to your followers about your products price, stock and campaigns.

Fully customizable alerts

Generate only the notifications you want. Use any combination of the following alerts: price drop, price increase, back to stock and campaign.

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High converting Notifications

Your followers will receive private facebook notifications about your products. These notifications lead visitors back to your store with high conversion rates.

Targeted Campaigns

Increase your profit margin by targeting your customers at their price point. Send coupons to your followers and increase your sales dramatically.

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Dashboard with valuable insights

Keep track of the visitors we bring back to your site. Gain insight and make decisions on pricing by learning which market segments are being followed and which products are generating more follows.

Your followers won't lose track of products

When a visitor follows a product on your website it will be added to his/her private Follow List on Followprice. It’s a very effective way to lead them back to your store.

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