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Install Followprice

Integrating Followprice is quick and easy: simply include a script on your website or use our plugins for major ecommerce platforms.

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Get Followers

Engage with window shoppers with future purchase intent. Your visitors can now click the Followprice button to be notified of price or availability changes. Followers return to your store more often and are more likely to make a purchase.

Increase Sales

Using Followprice powerful retargeting tools send private and tailored campaigns exclusively to your followers or simply change prices taking into account popular followed products. Visitors powered by Followprice are 3 times more likely to make a purchase.

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Increase in Returning Visits

Engage with
25% more visitors

With Followprice, your visitors become followers and we will bring them back to your store.

Conversion Rate 2.5X higher

Conversion rate
300% higher

Visitors powered by Followprice convert at much higher rates than the average visitor of an online store.

Average Order Value is Higher

Average Order Value
20% Higher

The average order value of a client coming from Followprice is higher than the average order value of a given store.

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Mark Crystal

Mark Crystal

Former SVP of Ecommerce at Rue21.com

"Followprice provides a proven way to improve customer conversion and retention via a method that is additive to existing consumer engagement practices."

Lukas Bouvrie

Lukas Bouvrie

Founder of BlackLocus

"Price is a sensitive issue for consumers. Huge sales are lost because of bad pricing. Followprice brings consumers back to buy when the price is right."

Marta Dalton

Marta Dalton

Director of Ecommerce at Coca-Cola

"Followprice provides customers that are ready to buy and removes that final hurdle by letting customers know when the product has hit their willingness to pay point."

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